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A family run business offering a friendly, personal service & great value for money.


About Gatechange garage.

The business was established in the 1930's by Horace Maybury originally in Birmingham. Over the years the business was successful and continued to grow until it reached the point where new premises were needed and it was in 1981 that the business moved to Tenbury Wells.

During that time, the business has evolved and moved away from filling station & general repairs to become focused on MOT testing, tyre and suspension services with repairs still offered to ensure MOT customers are able to keep their vehicle on the road with the minimum of delay and inconvenience.

We feel we are able to offer a more personal service than the large faceless chains that exist all around the UK. Customers often report how very frustrating it is to go into a modern garage, where more often than not the only point of contact is a receptionist who usually has no clue about cars and how they work.

When explaining a fault, the correct description of the fault & symptoms often do not reach the person who actually carries out the repairs, which is vital in order to diagnose the problem quickly. We refuse to go down this route and encourage the customer to speak to the person carrying out the repairs face to face.

Today, Gatechange remains a family run business and still holds those values in high esteem.

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MOT testing.

Here at Gatechange, we have installed two test lanes to help meet the ever increasing demand for MOT tests, it also allows us to do a limited number of tests on demand which is crucial when the customer has realised the test has expired.

With the local population growing year on year, the need for MOT tests has risen significantly and to meet this we have invested in the latest automated test equipment.

Being a rural community with very limited public transport we offer test customers a courtesy lift home, something that is very much appreciated by our regulars.

To be sure of getting an MOT test appointment, please call in advance as we cannot guarantee to have a free slot if you just turn up.

  • Classes 1 2 4 5L & 7
  • Motorbikes Class I & 2
  • Quad Bikes Class 4
  • Cars Class 4
  • Commercials Class 5L & 7
  • Camper Vans Class 4

Tyres - sales & fitting.


Tenbury's one stop shop for tyres.

With so many modern vehicles having ever increasing lower profile tyres and also the common use of run flat tyres, we decided to invest in a second tyre machine. We chose the latest technology and went for a completely lever less system which significantly reduces any damage to expensive alloy rims.

This combined with the latest computerised wheel balancer means a perfectly balanced and damage free rim.

We also have over 250 tyres in stock at all times, which mean we can offer tyre fitting on demand with a very quick turnaround.

For customers wanting extra tyre stability we also off Nitrogen inflation.

The benefits of Nitrogen.

  • Nitrogen doesn't heat up like normal air so the tyre runs cooler helping to reduce tyre failure.
  • Nitrogen molecules are larger than air molecules, tyres remain inflated for longer.
  • Oxygen reacts and damages inner tyre liners, nitrogen does not.
  • Nitrogen offers More stable tyre pressures.

Costs £1.50 per wheel for initial purge and inflation. From then on, £1.00 top up for all wheels.

Suspension checking & alignment.

With many modern cars featuring complex suspension systems, it is vital that the alignment is correct for maximum performance, economy and safety. With this in mind, Gatechange have invested in precision four wheel alignment equipment capable of checking and setting suspension systems accurately to within manufacturers recommended tolerances.

  • 4 Wheel Laser Wheel Alignment
  • Perfect wheel rim contact, no damage to aluminium or painted steel wheels.
  • Majority of modern cars have adjustable rear toe (tracking).
  • If the car pulls to the side it is probably because the rear toe is out of adjustment.

General Repairs.

If a vehicle fails the MOT inspection we have the facilities to undertake the necessary repairs and get the vehicle back on the road quickly.

We understand that in this day and age customers rely hugely on their car and how important it is to them to have their car on the road and in good working order.

We have excellent sources of parts for all makes and ages of cars and can generally obtain most things within hours, even rarer parts can usually be obtained by the following day.

We are happy to give a quote for any work undertaken, in fact we prefer to give the customer an estimate of the costs involved.

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